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  •  These devices are priced so high for a few of reasons:

    ·                     One is that they are made in limited batches which make them collectible.

    ·                     The second is their fine quality craftsmanship

    ·                     Third is the artistry which goes into their creation: these are not just mods but items their designers                  take pride in.

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  • The benefit of using high wattage mod is that it can fire/operate any type of tank even a sub-ohm tank.  Which in turn will effect the overall  vape production. 

  • There are too many factors to look out for in a high advance devices.

    Actual output of wattage.  Ability to fire at a sub-ohm ,consistency of the chip

    Sustainability during high output, battery consumption, price factor, material used and the finishing of the final product.


  • RBA – Rebuildable Atomizer

    A rebuildable atomizer (RBA), often referred to as simply a “rebuildable,” is just a special type of atomizer used in the Vape Pen and Mod. The “rebuildable” can be easily taken apart to replace the wicks and coils contained within. The RBA itself is comprised of two pieces of stainless steel (although other metals can be used). The pieces that makeup an RBA are referred to as the “deck” or “base” and the “top cap”

    Source :

    RBTA – Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

    Similar to ‘RBA’, this system is also rebuildable but with additional feature. It have a tank reservoir (most of the time is make of glass)  to hold the liquid.

    RDA – Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

    Similar to ‘RBA’, this system is design and cater specially for Mech Mod but with a slight twist on how the usage function. Whenever the user want to use it, a few drop of liquid have to be “Drip” into the Atomizer System. There are no reservoir or outer cover to hold the liquid.

    OCC – Organic Cotton Coil

    These are ready to use coils that consist of ‘standard pre coil’ and ‘Organic Cotton. 

    It comes pre-built and are designed so that when it gets “worn out” or “burned out”, you can just replace it with a new OCC and throw away the old one.


  • Kanthal wire is a ferritic iron, chromium-aluminium alloy and is used to build Rebuildable Atomizers (RBA’s)and Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDA’s) for Mechanical Mods (Mech Mods).

    Kanthal Wire can be heated at temperatures up to 1400°C (2550°F).

    The actual type of wire size is identified by Gauge (AWG). Kanthal Wire can be used in many different sizes and on many different types of Rebuildable Atomizers.

    There are many different types of wick you can use to wrap your Kanthal wire around as well which will determine the outcome of your Ω (Ohms).

    Source :

  • Made from 100% cotton that has not been chemically treated, bleached or pigmented. Raised without the use of chemical fertilizer or pesticides to ensure pure, safe quality.


  • If the coil of your atomizer is recessed inside it’s housing, you would drip 2 to 4 drops of liquid directly onto that coil.

    If the coil is exposed then you can actually dip the coil itself into some e-liquid and hold it there for a second.

    Sources :

  • Steeping an e liquid simply means allowing your juice to stay in a dark, cool place for a given time period.

    The main reason people steep an e liquid is to allow time for the aroma to develop and mature, offering a better taste from the actual e liquid. 

    When you get a freshly made juice, you will probably need to steep the e liquid.


  • 4 Main Parts of the device that will need maintenance:

    a.       Tank – always clean the tank to avoid cross contamination of flavour, this is to ensure that new flavour will be fresh and pure.

    b.      Atomizer/Coil – Atomizer or Coil will need to be change or recoil ever so often, this is to ensure minimum residue attached to the coil which will effect the performance of the atomization/vaporization process

    c.       The device – Avoid dropping the device on the floor or into water as there are chips and electronic parts in most of the electronic cigarette.

    d.      The battery – One of the most sensitive part of the device, because it involve charging and release of power from the battery cells. Special care and attention should be given on this.

    "1 – Charge your battery properly.

    It can be tempting to plug your battery into the charger when it’s almost dead but the reality is that you could be shortening your battery’s life.

    When you plug it in when it still has 15-20% battery left each time, it’ll forget all about that little capacity it still has and you’ll start to only get 80-85% out of it. It works the same if you always plug it in when it is still 40% full – eventually, after repeated patterns, it will forget that it has 100% battery, and think it is fully charged at just 60%.

    Try to make sure your battery is dead and it is flashing dead before you plug it in. Doing it once or twice won’t hurt, but if you do it all the time, you’ll be replacing your e-cig batteries unnecessarily.

    2 – Keep it clean.

    Occasionally you may need to give your e-cigarette a wipe down, and if you’re finding that your e-cig is starting to taste funny even though you’ve been using that liquid for ages and it’s never tasted like that before, you might need to give it a clean.

    All sorts of gunk can get stuck here from dripped e-liquid to pocket fluff. You might find that you aren’t getting a consistent inhale if the threading has become clogged up, and this is because the connections of the battery can’t meet as they need to because of the gunk getting in the way.

    With the new tanks in the market, you can either replace the central atomizer (OCC) or do your own recoiling.

    3 – Replace parts occasionally.

    You can’t expect a battery to last forever. Even the best e-cigarette brands have said that their batteries can be charged a maximum of 300 times. Some batteries won’t even make it that far.

    You can re-use a cartridge between 5-10 times before it needs to be replaced. Eventually the centre atomizer will burn out, or the filler material will become so brittle from the wear and tear, that it won’t be able to hold any liquid anymore. It needs to be replaced.

    4 – Blow it out!

    After you’ve refilled your tank or cartridge, give it a moment to settle down before you try and use it again. It’s also worth shaking out the e-cig or blowing it out before you try and use it too. If there’s any e-liquid stuck in the chamber, it won’t bubble up into your mouth or into the battery.

    5 – Take care of it.

    If you mistreat it, it won’t last as long as you want it to. If you drop it, bump it, bang it, or smack it, it’s not going to work like you want it to.

    An e-cigarette contains a delicate electrical system that turns a liquid into a vapor. Those delicate pieces won’t take much to move out of place and once it has done, it doesn’t work quite as well as it did before."

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  • These 9 Key Factors are straight from Part 1 of Rip Trippers’ Cloud Chasing 101 series:

    1. Battery Safety – Use the safest possible batteries possible e.g. – Sony VTC4, VTC5, etc.
    2. Airflow – The lower the resistance, the more is needed. Too much can thin out your vapor clouds.
    3. Juice – The higher the VG content, the thicker your vapor clouds will be.
    4. Mod – The right mod is important for powering these extremely low-resistance coil-builds..
    5. Atomizer – For competitive Cloud Chasing, an RDA is a must such as a Plume Veil or Tugboat.
    6. Body Posture/Inhale/Exhale Technique – Takes months to perfect, just like any “smoke trick”.
    7. Wicking – Very important factor in allowing the juice and air to flow to your coils.
    8. Build – Different builds will affect vapor production, the lower the resistance, the bigger the cloud.
    9. Genetics – Some people with more lung capacity are able to inhale more vapor without coughing.

    Sources :

  • Having the right amount of airflow is very important, however it is important to note that too much airflow can take away from the density of your clouds. This is where inhale/exhale technique and body posture play an important role.

    Another trick I have noticed is that many Cloud Chasers are ditching their drip tips. Last but not least, as we have seen, most Cloud Chasing builds are done with wire that is 24g and below.

    If you are Cloud Chasing with 26g wire, you might want to upgrade to 24g or try a parallel or twisted build. This will automatically lower your resistance significantly as the two wires work together as a big fat wire.

    Sources :

  •  Basically there are 3 main factors to get a great amount of vapor production from your ecig.

    FACTOR 1Juice selection - VG e-juice is going to give you much more vapor than PG-based juice. You can go 80/20 or even 70/30 and still get decent clouds. If you don\'t know the ratio, look at the juice: Is it thick or runny? The thicker it is, the more dense vapor it will typically produce.

    FACTOR 2Ohms & Amps - Less ohms = more amps at any given voltage. Higher amperage translates into more heat at the coil, which makes more vapor (assuming the juice can wick to the coil fast enough - a factor that is often out of your control)

    FACTOR 3Airflow - More airflow across the coil means you can carry the vaporized juice away from the coil and allow new juice to vaporize, which means more vapor, much faster.

    In order to get a nice vaping experience, you need to pick a solid vaping device. Of course, every vaper knows advanced vaping devices like dripping atomizers and mechanical mods.

    Firstly, Solid battery voltage range. As we know, higher voltage, more vapor can be produced.

    Vape pen got nice voltage range of 3.3V-5.5V, higher than the maximum voltage of regular ego type ecig batteries, which is 4.8 Volts.

    Secondly, Low Ohms. As factor 2 shows, lower Ohms, bigger vapor. Vape pen fits for 1.5 Ohms tank, which is a very low ohm for ego type ecigs

    Thirdly, High quality wick. Vape pen tank uses high quality wick, which wick fast, keeps send ejuice to the coil to produce big vapor without dry hit.

    Fourthly, Nice airflow control. Vaporizer has 4 airholes for choice, among which the biggest one is 2.0 millimeter. It totally supplies the airflow for a nice & big lung hit.

    Sources :


  • There are 2 types of events that happen in the vape industry.

    i.                     Business and trade product related events (Business),

    ii.                   Legislation and regulations events (Academician) .

    Follow us for  update. 


  • Advocate is a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.

    Advocate of honour, here we will list the advocate lobbyist, the activist for vape/ecig product info.  


  • There will be 2 category under this team;-

    i.                     Product info – the latest information about the family and category

    ii.                 Information of product in the industry 


  • Basically, advance ecig can be categorize into 2 ;-

    i.                     Mechanical/Mech-mod/Direct contact mod:  these devices run without any form of smart chip to regulate the performance and the safety.

    ii.                   Hi-voltage /hi-performance/hi-power: these devices run with high perforamance and powerful wattage output & advance temperature control chip to regulate the performance and safety.

  • A fake device that looks exactly or almost identical to the famous electronic cigarette brand/model.



  • 3 basic options:-

    • Mechanical mod
    • High-wattage mod
    • Temperature control mod.
  • “The Temperature Control (TC) feature of your vaporizer allows you to pre-set a value in Celsius / Fahrenheit that your coil temperature will not exceed. When the TC feature detects that the coil hits your pre-set (temperature) value, it acts as a limiter and will adjust, restrict, or cut-off the power to the coil until the temperature falls below your pre-set temperature value. TC keeps your coil temperature at a fixed rate, no matter what your preferred vaping style is, whether it’s little inhales, big inhales, mouth to lung inhales, straight to the lung inhales or Olympic style chain vaping. The best analogy that I like to use is Temperature Control on your vaporizer (while vaping at a pre-set coil temperature, lightly or heavily) is very similar to Cruise Control on your automobile (while driving at pre-set speed, going uphill or downhill).”

    Source :

  • “VV/VW Mod at it\'s simplest is a battery powered vaping device that uses circuitry to regulate its output power and allows adjustment of it\'s output power in two ways: 1. By adjusting the voltage. 2. By adjusting the wattage. Additionally these devices employ protection circuitry to provide a wide variety of safety features to protect the user and/or prevent damage to the device itself. The safety features of VV/VW Mods make them a fantastic device for new and veteran vapers alike.”

    Source :

  •  Advantages:-

    ·                     Mechanical mods are easy to use due to the lack of electronics in them.  There is nothing to                       break.

    ·                     This device can be easily dismantled and rebuilt.

    ·                     There is a wide variety of “mechanical mods” in the market.

    ·                     There are no restrictions in the form of a fee, which constantly “decides” for what you need to                     do. You can install low-resistance and high-performance windings, from which huge clouds of                     steam are obtained.


    ·                     Simplicity-not a guarantee of reliability.  Owners of such mods often face the failure of the                            power button.  Because of the cheapness and simplicity it’s a high chance to get on a poor-                        quality product.

    ·                     Unreasonably high price of the original mods due to the distinctive engraving on the case.

    ·                     The mechanical mode is unevenly discharged, which affects the quality and quantity of steam.

    ·                     Complete absence of voltage control and current capacity.

    Sources :

  • “There is a danger inherent in every mechanical mod – the battery.

    Batteries can fail, due to over-tightening the end-caps of the mod or atomizer.

    They can also over-discharge due to accidentally pressing the firing pin/button for too long, causing the battery to overheat and potentially burst.

    Never buy a mechanical mod without seeing it first.

    Mechanical mod pro-tips:

    ·         Always make sure that there is a lock for the firing pin/button.

     The most common are those that are reverse threaded and require an unscrew to lock the firing pin/button. You don’t want to fall asleep with your mod firing continuously, after all, do you?

    ·         Check your mod for air-holes.

    While there aren’t any batteries in the mod, blow into it from the connection end. Make sure you do this with the firing pin both in the locked and unlocked positions.  Air holes (aka vents) are incredibly important in letting gases escape your mod if the battery is compromised. Air holes are your friend, make sure they act like it.

    ·         Make sure your batteries aren’t overcharged or undercharged by checking their volts.

    Check battery voltage when I think they are getting close to needing a recharge. Run them too low repeatedly and they have shortened life, way too low and they are toast. I check coil resistance any time I mess with or build a new wick and coil. If you draw too many amps from your battery, you will have a serious safety issue. I’m also always aware of the mod’s temperature during use. Any part of it heating up is an issue that needs to be resolved, or it can become serious.”

    Sources :

  • Only when you success to wick a couple of coils will the flavour make you think that every effort is worthy.

    -dual coils support;
    -balanced proportion between airflow and clouds;
    -smooth vapor clouds;
    -keeps original flavor of e-juice well;

    -narrow space between terminals and airslots;
    -easy to cause short circuit if mis-operate;
    -too many parts, easy to cause damage;
    -not friendly to newbie.

    Sources :

  • In the world of vaping, a pure mechanical mod is as basic as it gets.(No wiring or soldering. No circuitry or electronics.  No variable voltage/ variable wattage)

    At the most primal level, a mechanical mod vape is just a tube with a button that holds a replaceable, rechargeable battery.

    When you press the switch, the mechanical mod delivers an unregulated current to the atomizer producing the vapor.

    Source :

  • It is pretty hard to tell between the original and the clone unless you have the original product to confirm it is an original product to do comparison with. 

    But nevertheless, most of the manufacturer have authentication code to check the authenticity of the product.

    Another way to know is that the selling prices of clone product normally much cheaper than the original product market price.


  •  A beginner e-cig

    -a simple basic battery power device that operate with smart electronic chip .

    -easy to use, low maintenance and value for money.

    Advance e-cig

    - devices that are created to cater for advance users, that run with or without smart chip to regulate the performance and output of the device.

    -more options of device performance control, high maintenance and could be very costly. 

  • Normally in beginner tank or system minimum maintenance are require. While in advance system some sort of maintenance activity must be perform for the continuous function of the tank. 

  • Beginner e-liquid mostly will have higher concentration nicotine than an advance e-liquid.

  • A lot of smoker prefer to be in the beginning stage because the sensation that are created while using beginner devices are similar to smoking.  The sensation that are created using advance devices are more towards cloud chasing and flavour enjoyment. 

  • Of course you can still smoke. In fact more than 40% bi-ecig users.  Meaning they smoke and vape with less cigarette.


  • E-liquid (E-Juice/Smoke Juice/ Flavour ) is the liquid that is used in electronic cigarette.

    E-liquid is the watery solution with flavour and sometimes nicotine, that is used for the electronic cigarettes to produce the vapour. 

    Brewer stock many, many different flavours of liquids and mg strengths.

  • Cooling agent is a special solution giving you fresh and cool-bitting experience.  It has the natural ability to give you a tingly and ice-cold feel .

  • Propylene Glycol

    ·         It is an organic compound that is colourless, nearly odourless, clear, viscous liquid with a faintly sweet taste.

    ·         It is commonly used as food additives, as cooling agents for beers, as artificial smoke for use in theatrical productions.

    ·         It is recognized as generally safe by different Food and Drug Administration offices throughout the world.

    Vegetable Glycerin

    ·                     It is a colorless, odourless, viscous liquid that is sweet-tasting and non-toxic.

    ·                     It is widely used in the food industry as a sweetener and humectant and in pharmaceutical formulations.

  • “Flavorings are used as food additives for altering and/or enhancing the flavors of natural food products. Sometimes, food flavorings are also used to create flavor for food products that do not have desired flavors such as candies and other snacks. There are three major types of food flavorings that are used in foods. These types of flavorings are mostly used as criteria for food regulatory purposes in European Union and Australia. In North America, the classification of flavorings is done as - Natural flavorings and Synthetic flavorings. The Synthetic flavorings there include both artificial and nature-identical flavourings.”

    Source :

  • “Nicotine is simply a naturally occurring chemical found in certain plants. Of course, there are synthetic versions now, but this is where it was found and isolated. Nicotine is known widely as the ingredient in tobacco that causes the physiological addiction to tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco.

    Nicotine also has an extremely powerful effect on dopamine output in the brain. Dopamine has been called the ‘pleasure molecule’, and it speaks to humans on a deeply primitive level. Feelings of pleasure and motivation are followed by dopamine release in the brain, and although the brains truly enjoy the pleasure in a dopamine release, the addiction lies in the motivation aspect of it.

    Once the dopamine wears off, the body wants to regain the pleasurable feeling. Thus, addiction of all types are born. Nicotine leaves the body very quickly, and once it does, that pleasure and reward system practically begs to be stimulated again. Over time, nicotine builds up in the system, and the nicotine addict has to increase the intake in order to satisfy the dopamine demands. Just like with drugs of abuse like heroin or cocaine, nicotine can easily ensnare a person into a vicious cycle of addiction. The dopamine receptors in the brain can actually begin to diminish, so that less dopamine is absorbed, causing the system to demand more and more.”

    Source :

    Source :


    This isn’t an easy question to answer, but the shortest response is “not really, or at least not very harmful.” This is why people often compare nicotine to caffeine.

  • Nicotine strength could be ranging from 0, 6,9,12, 15, 18, 20, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48 or any other strength in between.

    “E-Liquid strength is almost always measured in milligrams (weight) per milliliter (volume); expressed as mg/mL. E-Liquid, or E-Juice, comes in many strengths depending largely on the manufacturer”

    Source :

  • You can, but your basic device are not designed to be performing like a “cloud chaser” device. So the result will not be as desirable. 

  •  There could be three possibility why :-

    1.                   The tongue become immune to the taste of flavour after prolong exposure to particular flavour.

    2.                   The atomizer/coil are over used /ionized. Too much residue are sitting at the resisting coil to                             vaporize the flavour molecule.

    3.                   The cotton in use are too polluted/over used, to absorb and dispense the e-liquid .

  • No. E-liquid does not generate 2nd hand smoke.

  • To determine the suitability of e-liquid for individual two main factors need to be put into consideration:-

     ·         the strength of nicotine that is needed by the consumer and the taste bud preference of the consumer. 

  • Buy from the trusted brand and look at the decoration and the packaging.

  • Yes, but you are not advisable to do that at the beginning stage.  

  • “The use-by date of any bottle of e-juice is likely to be listed as anywhere between one and two years.

    This is based largely on the established shelf life of nicotinePGand VG of around two years (as long as they’re stored below 104 °F / 40 °C and away from UV light; VG keeps best at around 77 °F / 25 °C), but they aren’t the only contents of e-liquid.”

    Source :

  • There are more than ten thousands of flavours available in the market, but in general can be qualified under the following category :-

    ·         Fruity

    ·         Creamy

    ·         Drink

    ·         Herbs & Spices

    ·         Minty

    ·         Tobacco

    All these flavours above can come with or without nicotine.

  • Yes, it’s all depending on the flavour which the manufacturers /brand uses. 

    The  basic ingredient of liquid :- PG and VG are tasteless with a hinge of sweetness

  • The base of an e-liquid is made from a mixture 2 main ingredients (a must ) which are PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin), and others optional ingredients which are  food flavouring , sweetener, nicotine, cooling agent, water soluble natural and artificial flavouring ingredients are added to the liquid to create the variety of e-liquid flavours.

    Nicotine isn’t required to be in e-liquid in order to vaporize it. 

  • This happens when e-liquid enters the airflow tube in the middle of your eCig. When this happens you should empty out your eCig, rinse with hot water from the bottom end (where the battery goes) then blow down the middle like a whistle and this should get rid of any excess e-liquid. Then simply leave your eCig to dry, making sure it’s dry before you use you eCig again. You can also try dry burning the electronic cigarette which is just basically connecting your tank to your battery and pressing the power button on the eCigs for a few seconds. You can also get a burning taste when the wick or coil in the electronic cigarette has come to the end of it’s life, which happens after long use. e-liquids do mature with age and taste differently which might taste strange, can normally tell if your e-liquid has gone a different colour.


  • Electronic Cigarettes are also known as e-cigarettes, ecig, e-pens, e-pipes, e-hookah, e-cigars, personal vaporizers, or PVs and vape are known collectively as ENDS – electronic nicotine delivery systems or electronic non-nicotine delivery systems (ENNDS),  According to the FDA, e-cigarettes are devices that allow users to inhale an aerosol containing nicotine or other substances.

    Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are generally battery-operated and use a heating element to heat e-liquid from a refillable cartridge, releasing a chemical-filled aerosol.

    They are handheld battery power devices, when in use will vaporise liquid into vape, which mimic the effect of smoking. Some of the devices were made to look like conventional cigarettes, while some will be any other designs but the basic functioning system will still be the same. 

  •  There are 3 advantages:-

    1.         Vaping does not help with quitting the addiction to nicotine, especially if liquid that contain nicotine       is being used. 
    2.        Risk of e-cigarette battery explosions.  This might happen if un-regulated devices or battery are           still available in the market.
    3.         Products are open for abuse. As in any other product in the market if it can and will be opened             for abuse if proper regulation and enforcement are not being put in place.
  • With the advancement of technology most of the original brands and models in the market are pretty safe. 

    Proper certifications and tests from the relevant agencies are being practice by the more establish brands and manufacturers.

  • Anyone who wanted a better alternative nicotine delivery system other than the traditional way of tobacco consumption.

  • Yes, it will happen, if un-regulated battery being used or improper way of handling the batteries.

  • Always start off with the most basic models before proceed to those advance models. 

    Unless, proper research and study have been done, first time consumer are not advise to use the advance or professional models of e-cigarette.

  •  Vape production or smoke density depending on many factors:-

    •  Device –the battery power and output power
    •  Tank /Cartridges – Ohms , Amps and airflow
    •  Liquid – the density of PG and VG
  • The cig-a-like devices (STM=straight to mouth) with high dosage of nicotine.

  • Basic model devices that produce the sensation that is needed but can be adjust according to the changes of need.  

    Dosage of nicotine should be reduced as time goes by, this is to cut down the dependency of nicotine.

  • Find a suitable device and flavour will play a major role in getting the right sensation for you. Once the right combination is found you should not have any problem in replacing cigarette.

  • High performance devices with the right combination of liquid should be able to give the result that you are looking for.

  •  There are thousands of flavours available in the market, but in general can be qualified under the following category :-

    •  Fruity
    •  Creamy
    •  Drink
    • ·Herbs & Spices
    •  Minty
    • ·Tobacco

    All these flavours above can come with or without nicotine.

  • There are hundreds of brand of brands that cater to different needs.

  •  There are 5 advantages:-

    1. Health - consumer will be able to enjoy the sensation of nicotine without all the known side effect of smoking.
    2.  Environment - there is no pollution of 2nd hand smoke and ash
    3. Lifestyle –there are many flavours a consumer can choose from.
    4. Economical – in long run it is economical compare to traditional cigarette. 
  •  Basically there are 5 types:-

    1.  The one who want to quit cigarette
    2.  The one want to reduce cigarette
    3.  The one that want to replace cigarette
    4.  The lifestyle consumer
    5.  The curiosity consumer
  • Cigarette :

    • Processed tobacco (with 4000++ known harmful chemical ) when in used will deliver nicotine to the  smoker.
    • In order to use it, combustion and burning of the processed tobacco must be done while the smoker  will have to inhale the smoke to get the nicotine. While smoking a cigarette the dangers of fire, flame, tar, carbon monoxide, and other cancer causing substances will happen.

    Electronic Cigarette :

    • Devices that that vaporise E Liquid/Juice that (may and may not) contain nicotine to be used without igniting.
    • It uses the latest micro-electronic technology which provides the "smoking" experience but without all  the harm!

    “ The smoke generated by e cigarettes is a form of heated e-liquid or water vapor which is less-harmful to the smoker and also for the environment.

    On the other hand smoke of tobacco cigarettes contains carcinogens and toxic carbon-di-oxide gas. It is not only harmful for the environment but also for the passive smokers in the surroundings.”

    Source :

  •  Consist of basic 3 major parts

    1.         Mod /devices – complete (with /without) batteries, chip, charging, accessories
    2.         Tank/cartomizer - complete (with/without) coil, cotton, e-liquid, accessories
    3.         E-liquid - complete (with/without) nicotine, flavor, cooling agent, sweetener
  • Although various electronic cigarette designs have been patented since 1930 all the way to 2000 none of it is running on the current electronic cigarette system.  The current electronic cigarette operating system creation are credited to Mr.  Hon Lik ( a China Pharmacist ).

    In the year 2003 the modern electronic cigarette was created and the 1st recorded sales of electronic cigarette was in 2006.

    Source :

  • Electronic cigarette was also known as e-cig or e-cigarette or e-hookah at the beginning, but because of the confusion of associating the act of using e-cigarette to traditional tobacco the industry started with a new term called Vape.

    As the development and advancement of technology to the devices:-

    • The terms e-cig were used for devices as the cig-a-like e-cigarette, which cater mostly for people who wanted to quit smoking or replace cigarette
    • The terms vape were used for devices that perform and look better than the cig-a-like models; which cater to much advance user that use it for satisfaction , hobbies or fashion.

    In conclusion, electronic cigarette and vape are the same but refer to the different device’s models for difference consumer market.

  • Part 1 - battery power device will heat up the heating element in the cartridge/tank when in use.  Device might have controlling switch or fully automated.

    Part 2 - when the liquid in the cartridge /tank are heated up it will e-vaporize and turn into vape.  Liquid cartridge/tank could be refillable or pre-fill. 

    Part 3 - the liquid in the cartridge/tank are made up from:-

    2 main ingredients (a must ) which are PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin), and;

    Others OPTIONAL ingredients which are  food flavouring , sweetener, nicotine, cooling agent

    Basic details how it operates:-

    “The cartridge holds the liquid. When the cartridge is inserted into the e-cig, the cartridge filler (polyester soaked in e-liquid/juice) makes contact with the atomizer’s bridge.

    Using gravity and capillary action, juice is absorbed via the atomizer bridge into the atomizer’s steel mesh reservoir where it sits. This is when user input is required. 

    When the user inhales on the e-cig, this action “pulls” the liquid from the atomizer’s reservoir into the ceramic atomizer pot.

    This liquid is then absorbed by the aromatic polyimide wick (which is situated inside the ceramic pot).

    At the same time, the device is heating the coil around the wick and therefore heating the liquid until it becomes a vapor.

    This vapor is drawn up through the e-cig and out of the mouthpiece. 

    Without the user’s “sucking” action, no more liquid is drawn into the pot or absorbed by the wick.”

    Source :

  • E-liquid (E-Juice/Smoke Juice/ Flavour ) is the liquid that is used in electronic cigarette.

    The liquid could come pre-fill cartridges or in individual bottle, made up from:-

    2 main ingredients (a must ) which are PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin), and

    Others OPTIONAL ingredients which are  food flavouring , sweetener, nicotine, cooling agent.

    The user can generally custom order e-liquid by requesting a certain VG (Vegetable Glycerin) percentage and PG (Propylene Glycol) percentage.

    The user can also request a certain nicotine strength(density). The common nicotine strengths are from 0mg to 36mg.

    Nicotine isn’t required to be in e-liquid in order to vaporize it.

    Sources :

  • Yes , it’s all depending on the flavour which the manufacturers /brand uses.

    The basic   ingredient of liquid :- PG and VG are tasteless with a hinge of sweetness.

  • In general the electronic cigarette is easy to use.  But then again, it depending on the made and model that is chosen.  Model could be ranging from basic beginner to advance professional.   The complication of the model grow according to the advancement of the model.

  • Most of the time the consumer chosen a model that does not suit his personal level of knowledge and usage and this is where the complication start.  

  • In general up to date, there are no cases where  e-cig have causes direct harm or bad side effect , but because lack of long term study of the long term usage of this technology, it is still open for debate.

    ‘E-cigarettes are generally seen to be a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, which are known for their harmful carcinogenic chemicals.

    But at present the e-cigarette industry is not regulated, and so there is no long term data to reassure users about the safety of the products.’

    Source :

  • This myth or rumours are spread by people who have no scientific evidence and knowledge about e-cig as there are no study that proof e-cig is dangerous. 

    A 2015 report from Public Health England also said “it has been previously estimated that [electronic cigarettes] are around 95% safer than smoking,” which “appears to remain a reasonable estimate.”

  • Choosing the right electronic cigarette depending on the end result of the performance and also the budget or the price range.

    Proper research and talking to the seller to recommend is advisable.

    In the near future, we will try to categorize the devices into different level to cater to the need of the consumer/market. 

  • The known side effect of using electronic cigarette might cause the user to quit smoking.  But effort must be taken by the consumer to cut down the regular cigarette.

    In general, consumer of e-cig will cut down on their cigarette consumption.


  • Most people today find vaping as a means to stop smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes can become quite costly.

    For a beginner, it’s always wise to begin with an e-cig, but for the expert vapers, a high-quality vape kit is the perfect alternative. When vaping with an e-cigarette, the drawback procedure is a bit different to a tobacco cigarette

    In UK, instead of scorning e-cigarettes, government organisations, notably Public Health England, are actually recommending smokers use e-cigarettes and training health professionals to prescribe them.

    It’s easier to give up cigarettes if you’re changing over to something very similar, The UK has followed smoking behaviour for many years now in e-cigarettes. Trials on success rates are fairly clear that e-cigarettes help people quit and cut down smoking.

    There’s good evidence they are improving people’s health. Smoking rates are falling very sharply, and e-cigarette rates are creating huge benefits to public health.

    The evidence supports they’re effective and safe.

  •  i.                   Proper research

    ii.                   Recommendation by the seller that understand your need

  • There are 3 things that you can prevent e-cig from being harmful:-

    Follow manual instruction as stated by the manufacturer

    i.                    Do not abuse or mis-used – the device from the original purpose

    ii.                   Do not modified the device from the original design or structure

    iii.                  Do not build your own device as the safetyness of D.I.Y are questionable 

  • “Reason 1 – The battery could be damaged in some way. From time to time, a battery may be purchased that has some internal physical damage that\'s not readily apparent to the naked eye when it\'s purchased. new one.

    Reason 2 – The device’s left in a location where the temperatures get extremely hot. For example, if you leave the device laying out in your automobile during the hottest parts of the day and the sun is shinning on it, there\'s every chance that the battery itself will overheat due to the ambient temperature.

    Reason 3 – Improper use may result in battery overheating. For instance, if you don\'t recharge the battery properly, you may cause the battery to overheat. In most cases, the battery has a failsafe device that automatically stops the charge when the battery\'s fully charged. However, if that system should fail for any reason, the battery could become overheated if it\'s left plugged in for too long. Therefore, you should follow the manufacturer\'s instructions.”

    Source :

  • “Dry burn is a process used by some vaping enthusiasts to clean the atomizer of residual gunk that is sometimes left behind in between cleanings. By using the device’s battery, the residue is essentially burned off. “

    Source :

  • “One device produced more formaldehyde than cigarettes, but only at its max voltage. Another e-cig, though, created more formaldehyde than combustible smokes at its lowest voltage. Set to its maximum voltage level, that e-cig, specified only as a “single top coil” vaporizer, produced more than 10 times the formaldehyde allowed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

    Even so, the researchers were careful to hedge their findings: “the results for Device 1 [which produced the high levels of formaldehyde] may not represent typical usage of this device, we hypothesize, and a typical user might experience noxious dry-puff effects and discontinue use at that power setting.”

    carcinogen is any substance, radionuclide, or radiation that promotes carcinogenesis, the formation of cancer. This may be due to the ability to damage the genome or to the disruption of cellular metabolic processes. Several radioactive substances are considered carcinogens, but their carcinogenic activity is attributed to the radiation, for example gamma rays and alpha particles, which they emit. Common examples of non-radioactive carcinogens are inhaled asbestos, certain dioxins, and tobacco smoke. Although the public generally associates carcinogenicity with synthetic chemicals, it is equally likely to arise in both natural and synthetic substances. Carcinogens are not necessarily immediately toxic; thus, their effect can be insidious.

    Source : Wikipedia

    In theory, e-cigarettes do produce formaldehyde. At least one of the primary constituents of eLiquids, propylene glycol, is known to degrade into formaldehyde. In reality, the carcinogen was only produced at an extremely high voltage, 5.5 volts. Admittedly, high voltage produced a lot of formaldehyde.

    In the real world, vapers don’t use extremely high voltages. As anti-smoking organizations and pro-vape groups would soon point out, vaping at around 5 volts creates what e-cig users call the “dry puff phenomenon,” a taste too acrid for any palate to withstand.

    In March of 2016, the journal Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology (a peer-reviewed journal dedicated specifically to helping government agencies put scientific data into practice) published a paper called “Effect of variable power levels on the yield of total aerosol mass and formation of aldehydes in e-cigarette aerosols.”

    Testing 5 variable-voltage vaporizers, researchers at Penn State found that, despite drastic differences in the amount of formaldehyde produced, 3 out of the 5 e-cigs produced formaldehyde levels far lower than those found in traditional cigarettes, even at the highest voltage possible.

    Similar results were confirmed in an analysis presented at the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco’s annual conference in Chicago. While the study was conducted by British American Tobacco, a large cigarette manufacturer, it really doesn’t seem horribly biased. It also took real-world variations in vaporizer use into account.

    The researchers used “lab-based vaping robots,” but programmed the machines to replicate e-cig use “in a realistic way.” Testing three different types of vaporizers (a “cig-a-like” vaporizer, a vape pen with clearomiser and a mod with variable voltage), the study found that none of the vapes produced a significant amount of formaldehyde. Wherever possible, the e-cigs were pushed into overdrive, replicating “worst case scenarios” at the highest possible voltage. Even under extreme conditions, the vaporizers produced well below the amount of formaldehyde acceptable to the World Health Organization.

    Dr. Farsalinos even threw in his two cents, using “experienced vapers” to estimate the amount of formaldehyde produced by vaporizers under real-world conditions. In his study, published in Addiction‘s August 2015 edition, Farsalinos concluded that “electronic cigarettes produce high levels of aldehyde only in dry puff conditions, in which the liquid overheats, causing a strong unpleasant taste that e-cigarette users detect and avoid. Under normal vaping conditions aldehyde emissions are minimal, even in new-generation high-power e-cigarettes.”

    In most cases, then, it seems unrealistic to believe that vapers are at risk of inhaling dangerous amounts of formaldehyde.

    Does that mean e-cig manufacturers don’t have to worry about warning their consumers to the possibility? Not at all. Propylene glycol can turn into formaldehyde. Vapers have a right to know about that, and make their own informed decisions.

    As we saw, one of the vaporizers produced more formaldehyde than e-cig users are likely to accept of their own accord. Caution, and thoughtful regulation, are obviously necessary.”

  • The following 6 things one should pay attention to:-

    i.                     The suitability of the device – consumer must choose the right selection and combination of tank,                   device and liquid to suit the personal need.

    ii.                   The safety of the device – device and liquid chosen should have proven record on the                                       manufacturing /production , raw material use and good manufacturing practice.

    iii.                  The authenticity –try as much as possible a trusted brand rather than a generic or clone product.

    iv.                 The pricing – always choose according to the budget available/spending power.

    v.                   The after sales support –buy from establish shop or seller.

    vi.                 The legality – always check the law in your country or region.

  •  Basically FEAR from :-

    i.                     Legislator – fear of the unknown territory of legislation and regulations on the industry be it                               providing the standard for manufacturing, producing, distributing, selling and consuming.

    ii.                   Health provider –fear of insufficient “long term effect” studies and scientific data of the                                      consumption of e-cig.

    iii.                  Pharmaceutical industry –fear of competition for the current NRT available .

    iv.                 Tobacco industry – fear of reducing their consumer market size.

  •  1 – Secondhand vapour is not dangerous

    Drexel University’s Igor Burstyn, a toxicology expert, concluded that there is no risk to bystanders breathing vapor. This study was crowd-funded by vapers through CASAA.

    “Exposures of bystanders are likely to be orders of magnitude less, and thus pose no apparent concern,” wrote Burstyn.

    Peering through the mist: systematic review of what the chemistry of contaminants in electronic cigarettes tells us about health risks – Igor Burstyn

    2-Vaping can improve lung function for smokers

    There are several studies that find no harmful effects of vaping on the lungs. One of the most impressive is Dr. Polosa’s discovery that in asthmatic smokers, switching to vaping — or even just using vaping to reduce smoking — improved lung function.

    “The e-cig may help smokers with asthma to reduce their cigarette consumption or remain abstinent and hence reduce the burden of smoking-related asthma symptoms,” wrote Polosa. “The positive findings observed with e-cigs allows us to advance the hypothesis that these products may be valuable for smoking cessation and/or tobacco harm reduction also in asthma patients who smoke.”

    Effect of Smoking Abstinence and Reduction in Asthmatic Smokers Switching to Electronic Cigarettes: Evidence for Harm Reversal – Riccardo Polosa, et al

    3- Nicotine alone is not powerfully addictive

    Nicotine isn’t close in addictiveness to heroin — or cocaine or any of the other drugs non-experts throw around to scare readers. Lots of studies question common beliefs about nicotine’s addictiveness. French expert Dr. Etter found vaping far less addictive than smoking.

    “Some e-cigarette users were dependent on nicotine-containing e-cigarettes, but these products were less addictive than tobacco cigarettes,” Etter and Eissenberg said. “E-cigarettes may be as or less addictive than nicotine gums, which themselves are not very addictive.”
    Dependence levels in users of electronic cigarettes, nicotine gums and tobacco cigarettes – Jean-Francois Etter and Thomas Eissenberg

    4- E-cigarettes are not full of formaldehyde

    After the infamous letter to the New England Journal of Medicine claiming high formaldehyde in vapor, Dr. Farsalinos did experiments to show that formaldehyde is only produced when an atomizer is overheated and the user gets a horrible dry hit.

    “Electronic cigarettes produce high levels of aldehyde only in dry puff conditions, in which the liquid overheats, causing a strong unpleasant taste that e-cigarette users detect and avoid,” explained the scientists.. “Under normal vaping conditions aldehyde emissions are minimal, even in new-generation high-power e-cigarettes.”

    E-cigarettes generate high levels of aldehydes only in ‘dry puff’ conditions – Konstantinos Farsalinos, Vassilis Voudris, and Konstantinos Poulas

    5- Sweet vape flavors are not aimed at children

    Every vaper has heard the maddening claim that candy and fruit flavors are aimed at children. We know that adult vapers use flavors to get away from the experience of burning tobacco. We know it because we’ve all experienced it!

    “Among vapor store customers in the United States who use electronic nicotine delivery devices to stop smoking, vaping longer, using newer-generation devices and using non-tobacco and non-menthol flavored e-liquid appear to be associated with higher rates of smoking cessation,” wrote the authors.

    Biochemically verified smoking cessation and vaping beliefs among vape store customers – Alayna Tackett, et al

    6- Vaping is substantially lower in toxins than smoking

    there’s a study every week that shows something in vapor. But many studies — including this one from Dr. Goniewicz and others — have proven that the toxicants are at far, far lower levels than those found in smoke.

    “After switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes, nicotine exposure remains unchanged, while exposure to selected carcinogens and toxicants is substantially reduced,” the authors wrote.

    Exposure to Nicotine and Selected Toxicants in Cigarette Smokers Who Switched to Electronic Cigarettes: A Longitudinal Within-Subjects Observational Study – Maciej Goniewicz, et al

    7-Vaping can help people quit smoking

    There have been junk studies claiming that vaping actually reduces the number of smokers who quit. Wrong, says this study from a group of top-notch British cessation experts. They also show that vapers are more likely than those who use other methods to not relapse.

    “Among smokers who have attempted to stop without professional support, those who use e-cigarettes are more likely to report continued abstinence than those who used a licensed NRT product bought over-the-counter or no aid to cessation,” write the authors.

    Real-world effectiveness of e-cigarettes when used to aid smoking cessation: a cross-sectional population study – Jamie Brown, et al

    8-Vaping is not a gateway to smoking

    The gateway claim is the ugliest claim about vaping, and every study that purports to show a gateway turns out to have major faults in methodology or a tiny sample size, as Clive Bates explained in his great blog about gateway claims.

    These highly respected tobacco researchers found no evidence of a gateway, and even implore their colleagues to make room for vaping as a tool to prevent smoking.

    “While research exists to support either side of the argument, we conclude, currently, that youth use of e-cigarettes is unlikely to increase the ranks of future cigarette smokers,” said Kozlowski and Warner. “Is it possible we could have our cake and eat it too? Perhaps, especially if sensible comprehensive harm reduction policies can earn a place in modern tobacco control efforts.”

    Adolescents and e-cigarettes: Objects of concern may appear larger than they are – Lynn Kozlowski and Kenneth Warner

    9-Vaping is NOT as bad as smoking

    According to this systematic literature review — a broad look at a large group of existing studies — smokers would benefit from switching to vaping.

    Farsalinos and Polosa concluded, “Currently available evidence indicates that electronic cigarettes are by far a less harmful alternative to smoking and significant health benefits are expected in smokers who switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes.”

    Safety evaluation and risk assessment of electronic cigarettes as tobacco cigarette substitutes: a systematic review – Konstantinos Farsalinos and Riccardo Polosa

    Sources :

  • “WHO is World Health Organization .  This is The latest media statement by  TFI ( tobacco free initiative)under WHO 23 January 2017 ;

    -  to invite Parties to monitor and report on scientific, regulatory and market developments such as initiation, cessation, advertising and promotion and WHO to report on the development of methods by regional and international standards-development organizations for the testing and measuring of contents and emissions of these products

    -  to invite WHO to continue to provide technical and scientific assistance on ENDS/ENNDS

    - INVITES Parties to consider applying regulatory measures to restrict the manufacture, importation, distribution, presentation, sale and use of ENDS/ENNDS, as appropriate to their national laws and public health objectives;”

    Source :

  • “Our study shows that bodily level exposure to established and important smoking-related carcinogens and toxicants is reduced by between 56 percent to 97 percent in long-term e-cigarette users who have stopped smoking completely, compared with tobacco cigarette smokers,” said lead researcher Lion Shahab.

    Smokers who switched entirely to e-cigarettes cut their intake of toxins and carcinogens as much as those who quit smoking by using nicotine replacements like the patch, gum or lozenges, said Shahab. He is a senior lecturer at University College London in England.”

    The study was funded by Cancer Research UK.

  • The study that was done by Royal College of Physician  :-

    “E-cigarette vapour contains a far less extensive range of toxins, and those present are typically at much lower levels, than in tobacco smoke,” the report notes.

     “In normal conditions of use, toxin levels in inhaled e-cigarette vapour are probably well below prescribed threshold limit values for occupational exposure, in which case significant long-term harm is unlikely.

    Some harm from sustained exposure to low levels of toxins over many years may yet emerge, but the magnitude of these risks relative to those of sustained tobacco smoking is likely to be small….Although it is not possible to quantify the long-term health risks associated with e-cigarettes precisely, the available data suggest that they are unlikely to exceed 5% of those associated with smoked tobacco products, and may well be substantially lower than this figure.”

    “While many people appear to have a side-effect free experience with ecigs, aside from the general issues with continuing the usage of nicotine, the following are some of the side effects that may occur while vaping that can probably be attributed to in whole or part to vaping. 

    These tend to be temporary:-

    ·         Dry skin

    ·         Dry mouth

    ·         Rash/burning sensation on face

    ·         Itchiness

    ·         Puffy/dry eyes

    ·         Caffeine sensitivity

    ·         Minor blood nose issues”

    Sources :

  • “Electronic cigarettes are not a "gateway" to smoking normal cigarettes with just 1% of non-smokers having tried them, according to the largest ever EU study published on the subject.

    The findings in the Journal of Tobacco Studies, which assessed 26,500 consumers across Europe, "verifies" that vapers will not move onto conventional cigarettes.

    Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health found e-cigarette users were mostly young aged between 15 and 24 and were heavy smokers who switched to electronic cigs in order to quit real ones.

    Some 20% of smokers tried an e-cigarette at least once compared to 4% of former smokers while only 1.1% of non-smokers had used an e-cigarette.

    The Harvard study estimates that 29 million Europeans have tried an e-cigarette.

    Konstantinos Farsalinos, cardiologist at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre in Athens, told the New Scientist: "This study verifies that e-cigarette use does not renormalise smoking. The results show minimal adoption by non-smokers."

    It has been argued that e-cigarettes could act as a gateway to young people taking up smoking cigarettes, but so far the evidence does not support this.

    Youth smoking rates continue to decline and regular use of e-cigarettes by young people who have never smoked is very low at between 0 and 1%.


  • There are 3 main reasons :-


    i.                     To ensure minimum safety standard for the product

    ii.                   To govern and monitor the trading and distribution channel

    iii.                  To safe guard the rights of  user and consumer

    Electronic cigarette present an exciting opportunity for smokers to quit, but there are still many unknowns. 

    Regulation has been implemented to improve the quality and safety of e-cigarettes, to maximise their potential to help people stop smoking, whilst minimising the risks of unintended consequences that could promote smoking.

    Sources :

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  • Contact us at our email :

  • Argentina

    Argentina banned the sale and import of e-cigarettes back in 2011. The rationale given for the move is that “there is not enough scientific evidence to determine that these (the e-cigarettes) are safe for human consumption,” which makes the fact that cigarettes are legal hypocritical in the extreme. They also cite World Health Organization recommendations stating that there is no proof e-cigarettes are safe or that they help smokers quit.

    However, a commenter on the Ashtray Blog post did say that importation for personal use is OK, but this is far from a clear recommendation, and there may still be problems.



    Brazil banned the manufacture and sale of e-cigarettes in June 2014 (although other sources say this happened in 2009 – Google Translated from Portuguese, and there’s an old E-Cigarette Forum thread about it here), with officials citing the presence of carcinogens and the FDA’s study as the rationale for the move. The more recent story says there is a fine of 10 reals (around $2.60) for each product confiscated.

    Again, the Ashtray Blog’s post points out that readers have vaped in Brazil without issues, but you should exercise caution if you plan to visit.



    Brunei banned the sale of e-cigarettes in 2010 because it’s an “imitation tobacco product,” and the law states that anybody found using an e-cigarette in no smoking areas can be fined $300 for the first offense and $500 for subsequent offenses. Anyone caught selling or importing can be issued with a fine of $5,000 for the first offense and up to $10,000 for subsequent offenses. The ban is apparently in place because e-cigarettes contain nicotine and carcinogens – as usual, this logic hasn’t been applied to cigarettes.

    The rule is in place under the 2005 Tobacco Order, but it’s unclear what the rules are for personal use. It appears it isn’t specifically outlawed, but this isn’t definitive.



     Cambodia banned e-cigarettes in 2014, apparently as a result of some testing conducted which found that they “contained a high level of nicotine that could cause a more serious impact on health than cigarettes.” The conclusion drawn from this testing is obviously wrong, but the WHO’s cautious stance may have had a role to play too.


    The result is that there is something of a black market for vaping gear in Cambodia, and commenters on the Ashtray Blog’s post reported no problem getting through customs.


    Indonesia (Proposed)

     Although both E-Cigarette Politics and the Ashtray Blog class e-cigs as banned in Indonesia – with the Ashtray Blog pointing out that the authorities are fine with personal use – recent news stories talk of a proposed ban on sales due to come into force sometime soon. There hasn’t been a definitive time-frame given, though, and for now people continue to sell e-cigarettes in Indonesia.



    Jordan banned the import and sale of e-cigarettes back in 2009, including nicotine-free options. The reason appears to be that there’s “a higher percentage of nicotine” in e-cigarettes, and they cited the WHO’s statement that there’s no evidence that e-cigs are a safe and effective replacement for cigarettes. Since the ban, some people importing e-cigarettes have sent applications to allow them to proceed, but all applications were summarily rejected.



    Oman banned the sale of e-cigarettes in 2012 (at latest), repeating the same old line that they haven’t been proven safe and effective. Under this rule, the use of e-cigarettes was still allowed, but in September the Ministry of Health said they were considering an outright ban, citing the Center for Environmental Health’s ridiculous formaldehyde “study.”



    Qatar has banned e-cigarettes both from sale and from import. The rationale given for the sales ban was that “the electronic cigarette is considered more dangerous to the health than normal cigarettes according to the World Health Organization.” Clearly, Qatar received a faulty translation, because nobody made such an absurd statement. The document about import makes it clear that there is also a complete ban on e-cigarettes entering the country.



    Singapore originally banned the distribution, sale and import of e-cigarettes in 2010, under a law outlawing products “designed to resemble a tobacco product,” with a fine of up to $5,000 for breaking the law. The government has also announced that it will be banning many other emerging tobacco products from December 2015 – with e-liquid specifically described in the legislation – to protect against the “known and potential harms” they pose. Clive Bates and Gerry Stimson wrote a letter to the government explaining why this is ridiculous, given the continued availability of cigarettes.



    E-cigarettes were classified as a regulated drug in Taiwan in 2009, which meant that anybody manufacturing, selling or importing e-cigarettes without regulatory approval (which none have, or are likely to get) faces prison sentences and hefty fines. The WHO’s report was cited as justification for the move. The law on products “shaped like cigarettes” covers nicotine-free e-cigarettes, too. However, they are still sold and used illegally, and there have been calls for the government to regulate them as a tobacco product to help control this illegal use.



     Thailand banned the import of e-cigarettes in 2014, and it appears as though there is a sale ban as well but substantiating evidence of this isn’t easy to find. The situation for people visiting Thailand isn’t so clear-cut, and the Ashtray Blog points out that people haven’t had problems bringing them through customs. It’s worth checking with the airline before you fly, but tourism is an important industry in Thailand so it makes sense that they wouldn’t hassle you for vaping. Additionally, possession of e-cigarettes isn’t illegal in Thailand.


    United Arab Emirates

    E-cigarettes are banned for both sale and import in the United Arab Emirates (including Dubai), which has been in place since at least 2009. The reasoning is the concern that they’ll undermine anti-smoking efforts and lure young people into addiction, as well as the apparent health hazards. The rule hasn’t prevented illegal trade, and there are claims that the ban may be lifted in favor of regulated salein the future. Until then, though, taking e-cigs with you to the UAE isn’t a good idea.



     Uruguay has completely banned the sale of e-cigarettes, with some pretty silly justifications given: the lack of evidence they work, the presence of nicotine and ethylene glycol being in the liquids (clearly due to the FDA’s analysis). However, the Ashtray Blog’s post points out that readers have vaped in Uruguay without problems, and definitive information isn’t easy to find.



     The law in Venezuela is unclear, with one report from 2012 claiming there is a ban for selling and distributing e-cigs (and many other sources saying so), but a WHO document on the country from 2014 claiming that there is no regulation or ban.

     Source :

  • E-cigarettes are poised to be taxed at a higher rate across Europe, with France and two other nations calling for a minimum excise duty to be set at “the highest common denominator”.

    No proposal will be tabled until after an exhaustive process of impact studies, technical analyses and public consultations. But if these hurdles can be cleared, officials say that taxing Europe’s growing vape industry could be desirable.”

    Source :

  • “There are some concerns that seeing people imitate smoking behaviours in public places may increase the acceptability of smoking and lead to young people taking up e-cigarettes or tobacco smoking.

    But on the other hand, November 2016 e-cigarette use may help to denormalise smoking by reducing the number of smoking role models. So far we don’t have evidence of either outcome”.

    Sources :

  • It is not illegal to use e-cigarettes in enclosed public spaces or workplaces in the UK. However, some businesses have chosen to ban the use of e-cigarettes. There is no current justification based on the evidence to legally ban the use of e-cigarettes in indoor public spaces and workplaces.

    Sources :

  • There are concerns that the marketing of these products may appeal to children and non-smokers. The new EU regulations under the Tobacco Products Directive ban the advertising of e-cigarettes in the press, radio, online and on television, unless the e-cigarette is licensed as a medicine by the MHRA. The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP) are responsible for regulating non-licensed ecigarettes. They have recently concluded a consultation into the matter and are likely to publish the outcome shortly.

    Sources :

  •  i.                   People above 18.

    ii.                   Those who want to quit cigarette

    iii.                  Those who want to reduce cigarette

    iv.                 Those that want to replace cigarette

  • Everyone can sell but depending on policies the countries and region.  Please check with local authority.

  • Everyone can import but depending on policies of the countries and region.  Please check with local authority.

  • The ‘e-Voke’, manufactured by British American Tobacco, is currently the only e-cigarette licensed as a medicine. It is on the General Sales List for medicines, meaning it can be bought from pharmacies, supermarkets and other retail November 2016 outlets without the supervision of a pharmacist. These are sometimes referred to as over-the-counter medicines. However, although granted a license, ‘e-Voke’ is not yet commercially available in the UK market.

    Sources :

  • There are 3 main reasons :-

    1.                To have minimum safety standard and certification for the products

    2.                To have standardize benchmark and requirements for traders and distributors

    3.                To have guideline for user and consumer

    Action taken by different region and countries are variant according to the local policy.  For eg.

    “The revised EU Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) came into force on May 20th, 2016, and created a dual-track approach for regulating e-cigarettes. 

    E-cigarettes that make smoking cessation claims must be licensed as medicines by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). 

    All other e-cigarettes are regulated as consumer products and must adhere to the regulations set out by the TPD”.

    Sources :

  • The vape industry as we know it is changing. In an effort to save the very thing we vapers all love and enjoy, you can participate in your local or national vape association/vaping advocacy groups.

    Get involved with social media. Join a vaping advocacy group on Facebook.  Or follow along with fellow vapers on Twitter.  Share articles.  Leave comments.  Stay informed. And educate others.

    Source :


  •  510        

    The most popular and common style of threading for electronic cigarettes available. Originally developed by the company JoyE, it quickly became the standard within the industry. It also known as a male thread.



    A classification given to a specific size of Li-Ion battery popularly used in APVs, mechanical mods, and tube mods.



    These are batteries that have typically been known for good sub-ohming. This is typically seen as true because the 26650 batteries more likely have a larger cathode/anode surface area,  so they will be a bit less susceptible to thermal runaway. However, this is not always a indicator for a great sub-ohm battery.



    A battery that is 18mm x 35mm, used in smaller mods and generally have a low amp rating.



    A two-part electronic cigarette consisting of a battery and a cartomizer



    A three-part electronic cigarette consisting of a battery, atomizer and cartridge.



     Acrolein is produced when e-liquid is heated to incredibly high temperatures. Linked to lung cancer in analog cigarette use. Strong irritant to skin, eyes, and nasal passages.



    Dual threaded device used to allow a specific style or atomizer, cartomizer, or clearomizer onto a different style battery. This allows vapers to have the vapor production of one style of atomizer, while using the battery life of another style battery. (example: connecting a 901 atomizer threading onto a 510 battery)


    Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV)

    An APV usually consists of a bigger battery, and features things such as variable voltage or variable wattage. Also referred to as a modified e-cig (MOD).



    This is the Association of American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards. It is an all-volunteer organization dedicated for creating safe and sustainable standards within the production process of e-liquids. You can visit their website here:



    Air flow control


    Airflow (adjustable airflow)

    This is a part on most vaping tanks; clearomizers, atomizers, etc; that allows more air to be received in the process of vaping, allowing for more vapor, as well as cooler vaper.


    All Day Vape

    The e liquid that you personally enjoy over any other and can vape on all day long without it getting old.


    Allen key/wrench

    A tool used to open mods or tighten screws in atomizers


    Alternative Cigarettes

    Another name for electronic cigarettes


    American Wire Gauge (AWG)

    This is the standard used in the United States to determine the resistance and diameter of the electric wire used to create the coils in atomizers.


    Amperage (amps)

    Amperage is the flow of energy along a circuit. In APV’s the lower the amps, the less capable you are of using high voltages on low resistance atomizers. This is prevalent in high voltage upon low resistance atomizers in  dual coil cartomizers or clearomizers.



    It is a slang term used by the vaping community describing “traditional” cigarettes.  Traditional Tobacco Cigarette.


    Aqueous Glycerine (AG)

    The process in which VG liquid is thinned with deionized water, making it less viscous.


    Ass Juice

    This is a common term used for rating an e liquid that tastes horrible. The main cause of this rating is by vapers experimenting with different e liquids and coming up with horrid results.


    Atomizer (Atty)

    The atomizer is contained in a metal housing that is screwed into the battery; and contains the heating coil, wick and mesh bridge. It is the component in an electronic cigarette or vaporizer that is responsible for heating the e liquid to the point of vaporization.



    A style of electronic cigarette/ vaporizer battery that does not have a button to activate the heating element. They are unsealed which allows airflow. When the user draws on the mouthpiece, a special sensor within the atomizer is activated by changing air pressure.


    Automatic Shutoff

    A common safety feature found on personal vaporizers that only allows the discharge of a battery for a set period of time. The average shutoff time is 10 seconds, however it is usually a smaller amount of time in ecigs and disposables.



    Brick & Mortar (Physical retail store) .A physical store that you can buy electronic cigarette or vaping related products.


    Battery (batt)

    Commonly known as the most important part of an electronic cigarette, it provides powers the heating element that turns the e liquid into vapor. It comes in two different types: automatic and manual. Manual switched batteries have a button to activate rather than being activated upon inhalation. They range in sizes and most have an LED light at the end that lights up when it is activated.



    Cartridges or cartomizers with dry filler material that is filled with e-liquid.


    Box Mod

    A box mod is any PV or APV that comes in a box shape, and comes in several different wattage selections. Some popular wattage classes for box mods are: 10-30 watts; 50-80 watts; 100+ watts.



    the process of leaving an e-liquid open to the air so that any alcohol can evaporate off. Can mellow some flavors.


    A small metal wire U-shaped covering on the inside of an atomizer that is designed to wick the e liquid from the cartridge. It is coated in steel mesh.


    Car Adapter

    Device that you can connect to a USB charger and charge your e-cig battery in the car.



    Any chemical, compound, or substance thought to cause cancer. E-liquid, when heated to very high temperatures can produce some carcinogens (by way of incomplete combustion).



    Short for cartridge – The part of the electronic cigarette contains the liquid.  These come blank (with no liquid), or pre-filled.


    Cartomizer (Carto)

    A cartomizer or carto is a combination of disposable cartridges and atomizers. They don’t last as long as an atomizer but they are also not as expensive; and they hold more e liquid than a regular cartridge/atomizer combination. The cartomizer tank is placed in the middle of the tube and is designed to hold to e liquid. It is typically made of poly-fill surrounding a type of gauze material that is wrapped around an atomizer coil and a plastic center tube for airflow.


    Cartridge (Cart)

    A plastic or covered metal mouthpiece that is the third part of a 3-piece set and is usually stuffed with some sort of absorbent filler material that holds e liquid.



    Consumer Advocacy for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association. It is a non profit organization that campaigns for the rights of e-cig users.



    A battery charger used to recharge your e-cig battery once it dies.


    Child Lock

    A child safety lock is designed to prevent child from getting at any dangerous content.



    Any PV that has the similar appearance of a traditional cigarette.



    A clearomizer is a transparent version of a cartomizer, designed to let users know how much e liquid they have left. It is usuallly made of thin, and easy breakable plastic, to maintain transparency. Clearomizers hold 2-3ml of e liquid, depending on the size and design. It’s two popular designs are Bottom Coil Clearomizer, and Top Coil Clearomizer.



    Due to the highly dense water content in vapor, The vapor that is exhaled when smoking electronic cigarettes is referred to as clouds.



    The wire that is used to vaporize the e liquid by creating an electrical circuit. The coil is usually made up of Nichrome or Kanthal wire. In the United States, the wire being used to make it is measured in AWG, while the rest of the world measures in the metric system.


    Coil Winder

    A tool used to wrap perfect coils every time.


    Custom Mod

    Any PV or APV that was handmade from parts not designed for vaping. This can even include wooden Mods.



    A safety feature that automatically stops you from taking a drag on your e cig if you take a drag for too long. It prevents the atomizer from overheating. There are flashing LED lights that usually let you know the feature is being used.



    The flat base area where the positive and negative posts sit on an RBA/RDA, which is designed to keep e liquid off of the battery connection.



    Diacetyl is a flavoring used in some e-liquid production for it’s buttery flavor. Can cause Bronchiolitis obliterans (otherwise known as Popcorn Lung) if inhaled in large concentrations. Many e-liquid vendors have stopped using it.


    Digital Cigarette

    Another name for Electronic Cigarette


    Disposable E-Cigs

    Electronic cigarettes that are designed to be used and then thrown away.


    DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

    Term used to people that make their own e liquid



    The DNA is a small variable wattage board built for vapers by Evolv.



    Vapers inhale from their mouth on the electronic cigarette mouthpiece.



    To drip drops of e-liquid into an atomizer


    Drip Tip

    A mouthpiece accessory  with an opening that allows drops of e liquid to be dripped directly to the atomizer/cartomizer without the removal of the tip.



    Same thing as dripping, referring to the fact that the cartridge is usually not filled, therefore dry.


    Dripping (DD; direct dripping)

    Vaping by adding a few drops of e liquid directly into the atomizer chamber instead of using a cartridge. This is the method that gives the best vapor quantity and flavor quality.


    Dry Burn/Hit

    Purposefly firing an atomizer on a battery without e liquid to saturate it, which results in the heating up, and glowing of the coil. This allows the cleaning of the coil by burning off impurities.


    E Cig Accessories

    Additional pieces to enhance your experience using e-cigarettes. They include chargers, extra batteries, and things like cases and lanyards.


    E Juice

    The solution that is vaporized within the atomizer tank, comprised of Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, and/or Nicotine and Flavoring. Also referred to as E-liquid, Juice, or Smoke Juice.


    E Liquid

    Another popular name for e-juice.  Flavoured or unflavoured liquid for use in an electronic cigarette, usually (but not always) containing nicotine


    ECF is one of the largest forums on the internet for electronic cigarettes. It is comprised of thousands and thousands of daily active members.


    eGo Threading

    Standard threading based on the Ego battery where the battery has male threading and the base of the cartomizer has female threading.


    eGo/eGo Style

    A style of electronic cigarette that utilizes the 510 threads and allows one to use 510 components but with a much larger battery.



    Another term for E-Cigs, it was coined to attract hookah users to vaping due to their similarities.


    Electronic Cigar

    Made up of the same components of an ecig, but is shaped to resemble a traditional tobacco cigar.


    Electronic Cigarette (E-CIG)

    An emerging alternative to traditional cigarettes that allows users to enjoy smoking without many of the harmful side effects. It contains e liquid that is vaporized upon inhalation and usually consists of flavors and nicotine.


    Electronic Cigarette Association (ECA)

    An industry group formed in early 2009. It is made up of suppliers and manufacturers who combined resources to help keep the e-cigarette as a legal option for smokers in the USA.


    Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

    An Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit is usually composed of 2 batteries, 1 or 2 cartomizers/atomizers/clearomizers and a mouth piece or drip tip.


    Filler Material (Filler)

    Material placed inside of a Cartridge that is absorbent. It is used to keep the liquid inside of the cartridge and regulate flow  to the atomizer so no flooding occurs.


    Flavor Cartridge

    Another term for a cartridge, containing nicotine and flavors.



    This refers to the particular flavor of your e liquid.



    This occurs when too much e liquid is put into the atomizer. The indicator of flooding is a gurgling sound and the performance of the atomizer is sometimes negatively affected.


     Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

    An administrative branch of the United States government that oversees rules and regulations pertaining to the safety of food and drug products sold in the USA.



    Formaldehyde can be produced much like acrolein; when e-liquid is heated to incredibly high temperatures. Also a known human carcinogen.



    There are a growing number of forums dedicated to vaping, from small to large. The most popular one to date is the ECF, or Electronic Cigarette Forum.


    Goose Neck

    A flexible extension for your PV. Goose necks come in assorted colors and sizes.


    GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)

    This acronym was created by the FDA to ensure people that the product that they are using is considered safe.


    Grub Screw

    A type of screw used in atomizer posts. The tip is pointed to better secure wires.


    High Resistance (HR)

    An atomizer or cartomizer with a higher Ohm rating than the standard equipment. This allows you to apply higher voltage to the coil.



  • Beginner starter kit is the most basic e-cig to help user to start using electronic cigarette as an alternative to traditional cigarette

    Consist of basic 3 major parts. 

    i.              Mod/devices – complete (with /without) batteries, chip, charging, accessories

    ii.             Tank/cartomizer – complete (with/without) coil, cotton, e-liquid, accessories

    iii.            E-liquid- complete (with/without) nicotine, flavor, cooling agent, sweetener

  • 1st time user who wanted to try out e-cigarette

  • Before you even start choosing any starter kit, ask yourself the following questions :

    -Why you want to use electronic cigarette?

    -What is the reason?

    -What is your budget?

    -What are the look and feel?

    -What are the performance that is expected from the device?

    -What sort of sensation that you are looking for?

    -How user friendly you want the device to be?

    Once you have answered the above questions, then Talk to the local seller and they should be able to advise you accordingly.

  • There are a wide range of many starter kits in the market to cater to different needs that from budgeted kit to better quality kit and even multi function kit all are available in the market.

  •  i.             Mod/devices – complete (with /without) batteries, chip, charging, accessories

    ii.             Tank/cartomizer – complete (with/without) coil, cotton, e-liquid, accessories

    iii.            E-liquid- complete (with/without) nicotine, flavor, cooling agent, sweetener

  • Depending on the model. But most of the basic starter kits  have minimum maintenance and can be consider as “plug & play” system. 

  • The best basic starter kit in the market will be running on “EZIE” operating system.


  • Basically there are 2 huge types of devices that cater for the beginner.

    1. Fully Automated Devices

    2. Semi Automated Devices

  •  i.                   Product must be easy to use

    ii.                   Cater to your personal need

    iii.                  Less maintenance

    iv.                 Suit your budget

  • Disposable E-CIG

    Provide a simple and convenient way to enjoy vaping, but are only designed to last a single charge cycle. Typically, one disposable e-cig is equivalent to 1 or less packs of traditional cigarettes, and once it’s finished, you throw it away.


    Pros of Disposable E-Cigs:

    • Simple and convenient
    • No need to worry about refills or charging
    • Lower upfront costs ($5 to $10 each)

    Cons of Disposable E-Cigs:

    • Limited flavor, nicotine and design options
    • Low quality, throw-away product
    • Weak performance when compared to most rechargeables
    • More costly in the long-run

    Rechargeable E-CIG

    Recharge the battery whenever it runs low and refill or replace the cartridge whenever it stops producing vapor. Option of unlimited array of pre-filled cartridges and e-liquid. Although you’ll pay more upfront for a starter kit, in the long-run the replacement cartridges and e-liquid are much cheaper than buying disposable e-cigs.

    Pros of Rechargeable E-Cigs:

    • Lots of options! Multiple designs, flavors, nicotine, etc.
    • Higher-quality product – built to last
    • Much better performance
    • Lower long-term costs ($1 to $2 for refills)

    Cons of Rechargeable E-Cigs:

    • Must refill and recharge regularly
    • Advanced versions can be quite complex
    • Higher upfront costs ($30 to $70 per starter kit)

    Source :

  • Automated device function without any switch or control.

  • Semi-automated device have a push button to turn on to operate the device.

  • “A variable e-cigarette are the models that have a control mechanism that can  manipulate and control firing wattage or voltage output . It can work with any atomizer or cartomizer with compatible threading. “

    Source :

  • The Best device for Basic Beginner will be Devices that RUN on ‘EZIE’ system. 

  • EZIE is a complete system that was developed using the latest technology in the e-cig industry, EZIE system specifically created to cater for the beginner user.  This system comply with all the requirements that are needed by Health authority throughout the world.  EZIE system operate in the most simplest possible way, so that the user experience will be nice and easy.

    EZIE advantage unique points:-

    Disposable Cartridge

    -          Mouthpiece with biting-hook feature

    -          Transparent container to show liquid level

    -          Non-refillable & cannot be dismantled

    -          Anti-leak system

    -          Special air-flow that mimics smoking sensation

    -          510 thread to suit all devices

    Refillable Cartridge

    -          Mouthpiece with biting-hook feature

    -          Transparent container to show liquid level

    -          Refillable (top) with child-lock system

    -          Anti-leak system

    -          Special air-flow that mimics smoking sensation

    -          510 thread to suit all devices


    -          2-way charging (top & bottom)

    -          Wireless charging system

    -          Fast charging system

    -          Constant battery output

    -          Anti-dry burn system

    Portable Charger Case

    -          Fast charging system

    -          Long-lasting battery system

    -          Available in various designs

    -          Suitable for all charging wires

    -          Top quality material finishing

    Complete Stater Kit Using “EZIE” system

    -          Easy to Carry

    -          Easy to maintain

    -          Available in various designs

    -          Suitable for all users (newbie and veteran)

    -          Safety standard that comply with all health authority in the world


  • “Atomizer (or Cartomizer): The atomizer is a small metal tubed casing that threading at the bottom to be attached to an electronic cigarette. The top of the atomizer is an opening to allow the use of e-liquid.

    To fill an atomizer, the user will typically drip 2 to 3 drops onto of the coil (which sits inside and on the bottom of the metal atomizer tubing). “

    Read more

  • E-cig cartridges— are designed to seamlessly connect to the ecig battery to provide the user, with an exciting and simple smoking method.

    They are Made with three key features — the atomizer, the e-cig liquid, and the soft tip.

    They are a very convenient method for basic users on the go, are discreet in size, and pack a powerful flavor experience in a tiny and compact cartridge.

    Their unique design provides users with the opportunity to enjoy vaping as effortlessly .

    The cartomizer is much like the atomizer, except that the metal tubing is a bit longer. Inside the metal tubing of a cartomizer is a filler material. This filler material acts as a wicking system. To fill a cartomizer with e-liquid, the user will pour e-liquid onto the filler material until it has a full or soggy look. A cartomizer is also used inside of tank systems.

  • “This system is more commonly used today, and is also designed to hold more e-liquid than the outdated atomizers that were once leading the market.

    The tank is a tube that is usually made from either a plastic or a Pyrex glass material.  The top of the tank system has a drip tip (mouthpiece), the middle is where the e-liquid is held, and the bottom is a base where the replaceable coil head will sit.”

    Read more

  • The best available system for basic will be pre-fill disposable cartridges.  

  • Pre-fill Cartridge

    These are cartridges that has been pre-fill with liquid solution in pre determine flavour that (might or might not) consist of nictone.

    Refillable Cartridge

    These are cartridges that can be re-fill with all available e-liquid in the market. And some model can even change the bottom coil/atomizer.


  • We will introduce the latest of up and coming product.

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