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No second hand smoke  

  • No harm to your loved ones
  • No pollution
  • Environmentally friendly

Less harmful chemicals

  • No tar
  • No carbon monoxide
  • No combustion of tobacco and paper
  • No carcinogenic substances


  • No ashtrays. No lighting up.

Overall physical aesthetics

  • No stained / yellowish teeth
  • No traditional tobacco and ash smell that stick to clothing, linen, cars, walls, etc

Ability to smoke in traditional “No Smoking” areas

  • Indoors (meeting rooms, malls, cinemas, restaurants, etc)
  • Public transportation (aircrafts, trains, buses, monorail, subway, LRT, MTR)


  • No need to purchase mints / mouth fresheners to cover the smoke smell
  • No need to use perfume to mask the ash smell that stick to clothing / linen


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